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Gateswork-PC Repair

(239) 400-4349 (4FIX)

Gateswork-PC performs repair and maintenance for your PC's, Laptops, Peripherals, Networks and all associated devices. No job is too small.

Gateswork-PC Technicians are on call 7 days a week in order to provide you with prompt, courteous and personal service.

In today’s IT high tech world, computers have become not only nice or fun to have, but necessary for any person or business to stay in contact with friends, family, colleagues or manage and promote their business. If we lived in a perfect world computers would perform much more efficiently with fewer problems and less downtime (remember how your new PC worked out of the box). Unfortunately we DO NOT live in a perfect world!

There are criminals out there trying to steal your identity, credit card information, user ID’s and passwords or whatever they can so they can live a lifestyle that many of us can only dream about, all at OUR EXPENSE.

Then you have the geeks who can’t function in the real world and want to disrupt it for those of us who can, so they sit at their computers and write all kinds of malicious software like viruses, Trojan horses, and Worms. You might ask why they would do this. Well, first because they can, and secondly for the notoriety it brings in their sick little worlds.

But do not despair, we here at Gateswork-PC are here to help you overcome, prevent, and repair any of the problems you may have with your systems.